Alli&Mike’s Elopement in North Bank Park, Downtown Columbus

Today I am sharing Mike&Alli’s Elopement in North Bank Park, Downtown Columbus which I shot back in August. I have many weddings to share until August but I wanted to start with this one and talk about one of my 2019 goal: shooting MORE Elopements in Columbus, Ohio or even further. I shot 3 Elopements in 2018 and while I will still shoot a traditional, all-day long wedding (I love capturing your excitement before the ceremony into late night celebration. I truly love it!)  they are BIG commitments! And when I commit to something I do above&beyond for my couples (if you haven’t read my reviews yet, you can find a few in HERE), so let me explain more about this goal.

Late in 2017, when we had our 2nd baby, I knew that I had to slow down in 2018, to serve the best to my clients to fulfill my commitments. I thought “slowing down” would be only for Nora’s first year during 2018, but now in 2019, I realize that THIS year actually may be a harder year than last. My 4 year old son is now dropping his naps, Nora is so mobile and I know by summer, she will start taking one nap. If you are mom-photographer, and your business runs on nap times& after bed, you know what this means! 🙂 I am a night owl and don’t mind working late at night however chasing 2 kids during the day is leaving no energy for that nowadays. Plus, my husband and his huge movie collection… I love our nights together when kids are asleep. Can’t I hire help so I work more during the day: believe me, I already hire a lot and still have a lot to do on my plate:( Plus, I really know that kids grow up so fast; do I really want to miss on that?! But I do LOVE shooting weddings, so what to do?

Shooting MORE Elopements or just smaller weddings in and around Columbus is my answer dear friends:) They still have so much love, details, fun and special moments! I know that they are still BIG commitments, but the work before/after these events are also less, compared to a traditional wedding, which is perfect for my family. Plus, they also are usually shorter and I wouldn’t be leaving the house for too long. It would make my photographer and mommy heart SO happy:)

Looking at 2019, my summer is almost booked, but I have openings for Elopements in April, May and Fall Elopements in Columbus. I am booking into 2020 as well and I would love to shoot a nice variety of both Elopements and Traditional weddings in Columbus next year! Whether big or small, if you are planning a wedding, let’s chats! But if you are especially planning to elope, or know someone who is going to Elope, let’s chat NOW:)

Back to Alli&Mike…

When Alli contacted me for her August wedding, the plan was to elope in North Bank Park with Columbus skyline and go to a few spots around Downtown Columbus for photos including Arch Park by McFerson Commons on Nationwide Boulevard, which is across from their reception dinner at Nada Columbus. However due to rain, they had to move their ceremony indoors-which was a still a gorgeous spot! After the cutest first look and a special ceremony, we walked to North Bank Park for some photos with Columbus skyline. Then we drove to Columbus Museum of Art and ended photos with some family members in Arch Park by McFerson Commons. By the way, these are my FAVORITE family photos from a wedding day, EVER! I loved how relaxed everyone was, and happy to becoming a big family! And Nada! The private room for Alli&Mike’s celebration dinner was one of a kind! I just loved walking around and capturing a few details, Alli&Mike’s joy right before I left. Thank you for reading through my goal for 2019, and hope you will enjoy this Elopement below.




Nursah Wood