Boudoir Photo Sessions in Columbus

Thank you for your interest in my Boudoir Photo Sessions in Columbus! After again being so busy from September-December this year, I will be taking January veeeeerrrrry slow and these cozy, but also sexy empowering Boudoir sessions are going to be great; come enjoy it with me. I will be using my in-home studio and I am SO excited! It’s been in works since last year and with the amazing natural light it gets, it’s I’ve ever wanted!

Why a Boudoir Session? So many reasons but first you should Do it for Yourself! You will not regret, I promise- it’s once at a lifetime experience. They also make excellent gift for Valentine’s day, for your husband to be (where are my brides at?!), for your anniversary, his birthday, for maternity, or again just for yourself!!! You will have the photos back in a week so we can work on prints, albums… whatever you want to do with them, right before Valentine’s day:)

With all these said, here is some the information for you below:


-Time slots will be discussed depending on your needs.

-$100 retainer is required for booking.

-If you are not available for Jan 18-19th weekend, contact me for my weekday availability.

-Have different ideas? Always open for them!

-Ready to book? Let’s do it:



  • I will give the exact time slots approx. after January 20th. Until then, please keep your preferred day open.
  • For an extra $150, I will have a professional hair&make up artist to pamper you as you wish before your session!


Like I’ve mentioned these session will take place in my home studio which I created last year. I’ve shooting here regularly and your can see the space below and I hope you like it! Things have been improving but If you want to see my previous Boudoir work, HERE is the link.



Nursah Wood