Boudoir Photo Sessions in Columbus, OH

Thank you for your interest in my 2019 Boudoir Photo Sessions in Columbus! After being so busy from September-December 31st this year, I will be taking January veeeeerrrrry slow and Boudoir Sessions in February will be my amazing return:) I rented a very charming, sexy Airnbnb close to Downtown Columbus and can’t wait to host Boudoir session in. These boudoir sessions are always so fun to shoot- a fun pamper day for yourself, or grab your girlfriends to make it even better! ( i will have lots of Champagne!). They make excellent gift for Valentine’s day, for your husband to be (where are my brides at?!), for your anniversary, his birthday, for maternity, or just for yourself!!! You will have the photos back in 2-3 days so we can work on prints, albums… whatever you want to do with them, right before Valentine’s day:)

With all these said, here is some the information for you below:

Here is the location for the shoots; a private airbnb in Bexley.

Would you like to see samples of my boudoir work? Contact me below and I will send you my portfolio.

For exact time slots, please inquire. And as always, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have 🙂 Hope to meet/ see you in February <3


  • I will give the exact time slots approx. after January 20th. Until then, please keep your preferred day open.



Nursah Wood