Boudoir Sessions in Columbus, Ohio

After booking hotel rooms because my bride-to-bes would ask if I offer boudoir photograhy, to renting Airbnb’s for the weekend because I had so much interest, to even turning our guest bedroom into a studio and shoot there for a whole year, I can not believe that I finally have a “STUDIO” studio for my Boudoir Sessions in Columbus, Ohio! I’ve searched, waited, stopped, but finally found the perfect space that fits my style and vision in February. My 1st rent was March 3rd-10 days before everything started to shot down due to Covid 19. I was able to squeeze a session with a friend, to test out the lighting and possibly offer some Mother’s Day mini session in the studio, which you can see HERE.

Once the shotdown started, all the uncertanities came. This is probably the worst time to start expanding this side of my business because it’s indoors; so I went back & forth if I should keep the studio or not. Here is my ultimate decision: There is never a right time for anything. There is fear, there are always excuses and these are what stand in front of growth. It may not be the best time to offer indoor studio session in Columbus right now, but as long as I provide a safe environment, I decided that I at least need to try. It may a challenge but I believe in myself, have faith and just have to try… of course within safety rules during Covid19.

So, the studio is open! I am starting my indoor boudoir sessions here after May 12th. If you are new here and have not seen my boudoir work yet, you can check HERE. To kick it off, I am going to run amazing deals for the first few bookings; so stay tuned! As you will see below, I have enough space to stay away from you while shooting. I am also sharing the studio with a newborn photographer, who is also a formal nurse, so you bet it’s the cleanest indoor space in Columbus:) Lastly, not just boudoir, but if you want a studio family session, headshots, branding or product photos, I would love to chat:)

Thank you for coming to check my space and I am so excited to show the magic I will create here. Let’s light it up! 🙂

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Nursah Wood