Elopement at an Airbnb in Columbus, Ohio

2020 was a year for everything &everyone and wedding industry got hit pretty bad too. Not just the vendors but the couples who planned to get marry in 2020! Some had to change the date, some had to postpone indefinitely, some cancelled it and did a small wedding. With all these changes, I shot more than ever Elopements in Ohio and this Elopement at an Airbnb in Columbus, Ohio is one of my favorite!

Endeya and Tanner got married in an airbnb they rented in Columbus. Ohio! They got ready in the rooms next to each other and exchanged their vows in the living room. Ate their cake at the kitchen and popped a champagne in the backyard. How romantic and special all these are?! It was a very small celebration including me, bride&groom, the officiant Amy from Run To an Elopement. Can you understand how special that makes me feel?! 🙂 They recorded the whole ceremony to later share with their loved ones, but it just just 4 us most of the time.

I had shot elopements this small before (seen HERE), and I love them almost all the same. They are small but they are VERY special.

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