Elopement in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Welcome to Day 3 of my Small Wedding and Elopement of 2020 series. (See  my last 2 posts for some unique Elopement ideas in Columbus) I am doing these series because as we all know that couples and wedding industry were hit in 2020 by Covid19. It continues in 2021 and I still see that couples are trying to find ways to get married. My last 2 posts talked about getting married in downtown Columbus, Ohio and Eloping in an airbnb. On today’s post I want to mention about couples who chose to use nature for their ceremony and did an Elopement in Hocking Hills.

Kerri and Tyler, Saltpeter Caves, 10.11.2020

Kerri &Tyler had an October Elopement in Hocking hills and I hope you can imagine the colors (or just see the 1st photo!). The couple chose Saltpeter Caves for the exact location in Hocking Hills and this was my 1st time there; sooo beautiful! Kerri did an amazing job with her flowers and all the details. Their officiant Windi from Run to Elopement conducted the ceremony so well! They planted a bonzai, ate cupcakes and we took amazing photos during our 2 hours together.

This Elopement is one of those I will never forget. Nature is amazing… getting married in nature, with just two of you, is so special. And you ever want to do it, I will be again happy to capture it:)

Hocking_hills_ohioHocking_hills_elopementElopement_in_Old_Mans_CaveHocking_hills_ohio Elopement_in_ohioElopement_in_Hocking_HillsElopement_in_Ash_Cave Elopement_in_Hocking_Hills_ohio Ohio_elopement_ideas.jpg

Heather&Andy, Ash Cave in Hocking Hills, 10.16.2021

Heather’s sister contacted me and said Heather&Andy had to cancel their wedding reception due to Covid and the close family planned a trip to Hocking Hills, from Michigan to get them married. What a neat idea and a sweet get together. They rented cabins in Hocking Hills and explored the area for the ceremony spot. With some of my direction, Heather&Andy exchanged vows in the middle of the woods in Hocking Hills. Then we hiked a little for their Just married photos in Hocking hills. Afterwards, we met with the rest of the family in a winery in Hocking hills.

I loved everything about this sweet celebration. Heather’s family did a great job organizing it! Heather looked amazing and it was an honor to capture this special celebration:)

Elopement_photographers_OhioAsh_cave_hocking_hillsElopement_in_Hocking_HillsElopement_locations_in_OhioElopement_location_ideas_in_OhioElopement_photographers_In_Ohio Winery_in_Hocking_hills Elopement_photography_In_Ohio


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