Rainy Engagement Session in Downtown Columbus

This winter has been a mild one. Hardly any snow, freezing days… but cloudy, rainy weather! When we scheduled Kayla&Michale’s engagement session, we were up for a suprise. It being winter, we decided that keeping part of it indoors would be a good idea. Luckly, these two live in brewery district and chose Rockmill Tavern as a start point. On the day of the shoot, it showed rain mix with snow. Well, we didn’t see any snow, but saw lots of rain:) I don;t know if I will shoot a snowy engagement session this year, but just like last year’s rainy day engagement session, i got to shoot a rainy engagement session in Downtown Columbus:)

After having a beer at Rockmill Brewery, we walk on the streets of Brewery district a little before heading to Germna village. When people see rain on the forecast for their special days, most get upset. But we decided to enjoy the challenges and had fun with it. The umbrella I had brought was not cutting it, so toward the end of session, I asked if they just want to close it; and they did! You have to go see all the magic happened afterwards:)

Kayla&Michael is my 1st big wedding of 2020 and tying the knot at The Estate of New Albany in March. I just CAN NOT wait to see them again! Stay tuned for this beautifuk couple’s The Estate of New Albany wedding but until then, enjoy these photos:)

rockmill_tavern_columbus_ohio Brewery_district_Columbus_ohiowedding_photographers_columbus_ohiowedding_photography_columbus_ohioengagement_session_in_german_village the_estates_at_new_albany_weddingRainy Engagement Session in Downtown Columbusthe_estates_at_new_albany_wedding_venue      Rainy Engagement Session in german village

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