Inniswood Metro Gardens Engagement Session

Amber and Hayden’s Inniswood Metro Gardens Engagement Session is one to remember for me! Even I’ve shot at Inniswood Metro Gardens MANY times (can be seen HERE), I never had to overcome this many obstacles as I did with this session:)

First… we had a very rainy spring! After moving this session once, we unfortunatelly had to do it on the 2nd scheduled date, due to our schedules. Amber is a photographer too (you can give her some love HERE: ) so imagine 2 busy photographers trying to find a time to do a session with all the rain&reschedules on their schedule, yuk!

On session’s day, it looked like it may rain towards sunset so we decided to move the session time from 7pm to 5pm, on the same day, Friday. What we didn’t think was 1- the Friday rush hour traffic, 2-SEVEN proms that were happening that evening and all the seniors using Inniswood metro park for prom photos! I think I was one of the last cars that could enter the park. They closed the doors right after me and didn’t allow anyone else in. So I called Amber and we met outside the park, to leave their car on the neighborhood and walk in. When we got in, EVERY corner was occupied for prom photos, lol. I never saw Inniswood Metro Gardens that busy!

But like I’ve said, Amber is a photographer as well and I felt so lucky that she understood the situation. The crowds actually challenged me to find different spots in the park and I love how the sun showed up for the part of their session:) They were soooo happy and as natural as can be; LOVE how their photos turned out!

I can’t wait these 2 to tie the know in September!!!

Nursah Wood