Intimate Ceremony in Downtown Columbus/ Ohio

Just the other day, I was thinking how lucky I am that I actually had one of my busiest winter season of all time before all this Covid19 hit where I am in March. Until March, I’ve had shot an Elopement in Hocking Hills, 2nd shot a winter wedding in Oak Grove at Jorgensen Farms and a wedding in The Estate at New Albany and also an intimate ceremony in Downtown Columbus, in Ohio Theatre to be exact. Yes, I shot the VERY FIRST Wedding Ceremony that took place inside Ohio Theatre in Downtown Columbus; how neat is that?!

When Sara contacted me for her small wedding ceremony, she actually mentioned that it would be a couthouse wedding. Having shot a corthouse wedding in Downtown Columbus before, I was ready for the job. But then she mentioned that the plans changed and now the location is Ohio Theatre’s lobby. To be honest, I didn;t know what to expect exactly, but I was up for the challenge:)

I met with them 5 minutes before we walked in the Ohio Theatre. The staff greeted us so perfectly and said that we can use ANY space in the Ohio Theatre- WHAT?! Everyone  turned at me and I picked a spot on the 2nd floor overlooking the whole theatre. After their short and sweet ceremony, we used the remaining time of our given 30 minute and captured a few just married photos. How cool are these photos? Also how unique?! Sara&Gary is the first wedding couple that have wedding photos inside the Ohio Theatre!

After the ceremony, we then head to Columbus Main Library for some more indoor photos. It was winter and main library is one of the best spots for indoor photoshoot in Winter in Columbus. It was so nice knowing them more during these photos; they just complete each other. As a last spot, we had to Milestone229, where they had reserved a table for their intimate dinner together overlooking at the city. They also had plans to visit a few breweries following dinner… what a special day!

Changing wedding plans because of COVID19?

I know so many couples are going through making hard decisions about their wedding day. I wanted to share this post and maybe give hope that even small ceremonies can be unique. You can still make it YOUR day, in any way you want. Sara&Gary also had a reception with their friends&family a week after their ceremony- so it’s ok to celebrate later. It may not be how you envisioned it, but you are still married and you’ll have a great story to tell to your grandkids one day:)

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