Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions, Columbus/OH

Valentine’s day mini sessions….It has been easily 4-5 years since I offered a themed mini session! But this year I felt like offering Valentine’s day photo sessions in Columbus for a few reasons. First, I have a beautiful studio so why not use it?! But most importantly, we do need to see LOVEly photos around friends. We need to remember happiness, love, joy. We need to celebrate it. We weed to share and spread it! We need to document and save it! So yes, I am so happy my Valentine’s minis this year:)

You can find all the info below but I have to add, this was just a trial shoot I did with my kids and I will be adding so much more to the setup!  I already have LOVE blowup balloons, will get fresh flowers, heart-shaped balloons, some signs, maybe cookies… I am so excited! As you can see, my studio has so many cute chairs to use for kids so I used them for you to see. But these sessions can be for your whole family, for your dog, your doggie&kids, you&your significant one, or even JUST FOR YOU! Let’s have fun with these 🙂

Valentine's day mini photo sessions Valentine's day columbus ohio

Found these flowers in the studio but I will be bringing fresh flowers:)

Valentine's day minis columbus ohio

How about mom&baby on that white wicker chair below?!!!

Valentine's day mini

Also, my studio has these pink garage doors. Add some heart shaped helium balloons on Nora’s hand on the photos below; how adorable would that be!  If the weather is good, we can definitely go out to use this space too:)

Valentine's day mini sessions in columbus

Ready to book? YAAAAY! Here is the link to BOOK it and all the info below:)

Valentine's day mini sessions



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