Year of 2019 Recap

Thank you for coming to check this blog post. I was going to go over 2019 year of this business on social media but it deserves more; I need to share quiet a few things:)

2019, if I have to pick a word for it, it would be GRACE.

For those who don’t know: I have 2 young kids (2&5) and been running this business around them. They are not the only reason that I quit my full time graphic designer job 5 years ago, but i wanted more flexiblity in my life. I am from Turkey, all my family is back there and going there only for 10 days a year, or having to work when my family visit was not cutting it. So when I got pregnant I thought something needed to change. I started the business with a newborn and that was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever done in my life. Live and learn! I had goals, I was ambitious, I was work-aholic (still working on it) , I had no idea about GRACE and  the 1st year was a HELL!

Withing the last 5 years, I learned a lot; A LOT! But i think 2019 was the first year which I put all the things I learned in action. I set realistic goals, I said NO more than ever and if things went wrong, I gave myself Grace. How? Let’s go over it:

In 2018, when my 2nd baby was a newborn, i thought that would be my hardest year. I quickly realized that newborns sleep while toddlers don’t! Knowing that I will have 2 toddlers in 2019, I saw my limits and set a goal of shooting 1 (full day) wedding a month. Seeing my calendar open but returning clients back… i almost cried after pushing send on some emails. It was SO SO hard sticking to it, but i did it!

But, why did I returned them back, why only 1 wedding?

Here my reasoning: I LOVE shooting weddings and I love editing my photos. It’s where I put my last signature, relive the day and tell the story the way I saw it. So I knew I couldn’t outsource my editing. I am also a perfectionalist and can hardly enjoy my days when there are tons of photos lying on my computer waiting to be edited; i just can’t. I could just get more childcare or simply don’t worry and send galleries within a 3-6 months frame. But I knew me. I knew that wanted to be around my children until they start school cause i know days go fast, and business will come back, but kids won’t always stick around! I also can not let my clients wait 3-6months to see their special day’s photos. I just knew, so I set limits. And you know what, BEST DECISIONS EVER!

I shot a wedding a month from March-December, and few small ones in-between (you can see some of them HERE), send the galleries fast and I was the happiest since I started this business!!!

However, shooting 1 wedding a month started not cutting my hunger for shooting weddings. So at the 2nd half of 2019, I helped a few photographer friends with 2nd shooting their wedding. Another great decision!!! I was shooting weddings, but also didn’t have to do any editing. My job was done once I leave the venue. I can however edit those photos one day, and I plan to, but it will be only for please- how fun! 🙂

2nd accomplishment of 2019 was going to Tuesdays Together networking events, which allows creatives in Columbus come together to discuss that month’s topic. In one of these meeting, I got so inspired and started my emailing list. YES! Finally an another platform to reach everyone other than Social Media. I still do it and January email is going out soon, so sign u if you haven’t already HERE.

3rd accomplishment which I also applied to my personal life was : Giving Grace to myself! I kept things very relaxed, didn’t set strick goal& deadlines. This may be bad business, but it’s my business. I just wanted to really enjoy doing it and I did. My clients got the attention they deserved. They were happy with their photos. I gained so many new clients/friends this year and that’s so important to me; important than anything !

4th and last one: it’s not business but I have to share. I started gym, and kept going it! Even i had a major back injury mid-august and gave a 2 months break,  i coudn’t wait to turn back to it. My goal is not weith-loss but more of a gaining a habit. self care. and seriously, I am always a different person after every session. Thankful for Orange Theory!


I know it’s a long one so if you made this this far, Thank you!

I am starting 2020 with the same goal, 1 wedding/ per month and besides September and December, I am almost there:) But if can’t accomplish it, I will give myself Grace cause i know there is a plan behind it:)

Thank you for following along and I hope this blog post helps some:)

Cheers to a successful year and excited for a new one:)



Nursah Wood