2015 Portraits

This week is one of my FAVORITE blogging weeks! It’s the week that I highlight my BEST work of the past year and I just love going through all the sessions I shot. It’s also one of the hardest blog post as I have to choose only 1 or 2 photos from each session. But I hope you will like what I choose and as always, I feel so lucky to be involved in your life in such a fun way!

_DSC1853_DSC2450 copy_DSC2697 copy_EMP6006 copy_EMP5925 copy_EMP5528_EMP9954_EMP9931_DSC8022_DSC4104_DSC1917 copy_DSC4228_DSC9592 copy_DSC1740_DSC2505_DSC1555_DSC3078_DSC9775 copy_DSC5264_DSC2893_DSC3237 copy_DSC2227 copy_DSC0470_DSC1356_DSC0491 copy2_DSC8442 copy_DSC0699 copy_DSC0560 copy_EMP7538_DSC3427_DSC3784_DSC8225 copy_DSC3055_DSC4057_DSC2381 copy_DSC7750_EMP0197_DSC0624 copy_DSC0201 copy_DSC4989_EMP5685_DSC3432_DSC4868_DSC2960_DSC3896_DSC7940

Nursah Wood