Get to know your photographer

Hello and thank you for coming to take a look at my work. I am Nursah Wood; photographer, graphic designer, a mother of two amazing kids and goldendoodle pup. I am  passionate, energetic and full of life-definatelly  cup half full type:)

I first came to America from Turkey, as an exchange architect intern student, and decided to stay; so here I am today located in Columbus,Ohio telling love stories.

I have an Architecture and Graphic Design degree but becoming a Photographer is the best thing happened to me! I could never be here  today if I didn't learned my design, organization and attention to details skills from previous educations; and I am forever grateful for that. You see, cup half full 🙂



So how did it all started?


Anything regarding design is a true passion of mine. My interest in photography started when i was studying Architecture. I lived in Italy for 1 year, visited 7 countries and too many cities to count in Europe. While I was traveling, I captured building details, shadows, urban spaces and landscapes… Then I settled down and my obsession of photography grew into portraits… I discovered the fun behind photojournalism which allowed me to capture casual moments of people in life: happy, sad, angry, excited…. I became obsessed with capturing those exact moments, non-posed and true emotions of people.

While I certainly respect a traditional “stand and smile” photo and see the purpose of a picture like that can serve, it’s honestly the ‘in-between’ shots and the connection between my subjects that make my heart happy. Oh… also details! These are what you will see in my photos as I improve myself everyday, and i hope you like it… because I believe those are what differs us from others!

Well, I think this is basically me:)

I hope to meet with you one day and listen to your story. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, concerns or just to say “hi” 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by and considering me as your photographer:)