2024 Mini Photo Sessions in Columbus, Ohio

Hello Exact Moments family!

Some of you wanted to see what I will be offering in 2024 and when so new to this yer,  I am trying something new and announcing 2024 Mini Photo Sessions in Columbus, Ohio ahead of time. Some of these mini session have been a tradition for years, but I am also continuing to add more every year. See my sprise below along with all the other dates and details:)

Valentine Day Minis in February

These have been so fun for the last 4 years so of course I am offering again this year. I actually already started booking and you can see all the details HERE.

Spring Minis in April

Spring Mini Sessions in Columbus, Ohio have been an another tradition for years! Last year I changed the location and I am sticking with it this year. The dates are April 20th and 25th. These are 20 minute sessions with 20 digitals for $250. You can see the photos from last year below and BOOK HERE.

spring mini sessions in columbus Ohio

Mother’s Day Minis, May 5th

SUPRISE! I am adding Mother’s Day mini session in Columbus  this year! I wanted to these every year but Spring gets busy all of a sudden and I could never organize them. This year I am announcing already and booked Humble&Pine’s GREENHOUSE for these. So excited! Due to studio rental and higher demand these will be 15 minute session for only moms&kids, with 20 digitals for $215.

UPDATE: I added another date May 19th and the location will be Humble&Pine’s BARN for these

Since these Mother’s Day Minis will be 1st in the greenhouse, I don’t have portfolio photos but here are below a few photos I took during Christmas time in the greenhouse. Believe me, these will be amazing! AND if it’s a nice day, we can step outside the greenhouse and shoot with it in the background. Agh, already so excited! Are you too?! Great, you can BOOK HERE! Oh, you are very welcome but these as a gift to your wife, mom, sister, friend… They will have the photos ready for their mother’s day, how amazing?!


Summer Minis, June-August

Just like year, I am giving everyone different options to choose from for summer minis. Years of experience makes it easy for everyone to beat the heat and enjoy summer weather while you are having your photos taken. You can see the themes and photos from last year below. I collected all of them under one link for easier booking and you can see the dates and times HERE. They are going to be all same price, $250 for 20 minute session with 20 digitals.

Flower Garden minis at Park of Roses, June 8th

summer mini sessions in columbus ohio

Creek Minis at Highbanks Metro Park- July 27th

highbanks metro park columbus ohio

Beach Minis at Alum Creek Beach, August 28th

I hosted for the 1st time last year and they were a hit! Kids love these and creek mini sessions in Summer- just saying:)


This year again I will be hosting Sunflower Minis. However I am going to wait on these until I hear the farm’s booking dates. The 1st year it was the beginning of August, last year it was the end of August. So let’s wait… But if you are wanting these,  because they are amazingly cute as seen in previous years HERE, keep following me on social media or subscribe to my email list and  you will get informed.

Lastly, if you are thinking further ahead, one of the Fall Mini dates will be Oct 19th. Mark your calendar already. I will probably work on Fall and Christmas dates in June and post them here again. Stay tuned!


Nursah Wood