Extended Family Session in Columbus

My visit to Inniswood Metro Garden earlier this week made me think of last summer. I feel like I only shoot at Inniswood in spring time but all of it’s flower gardens are actually pretty perfect for summer photo shoots in Columbus. Riley Family contacted me last summer saying that they will be visiting their parents from Tokyo and wanted to do an Extended Family Session in Columbus. We walked around Inniswood and shot different groupings in different spots. It was hot summer evening but I believe they will cherish these photos for a long time:)


In my opinion, extended family sessions are great investments! Multiple families in a family come together for a session so they can actually share the cost. It can be hectic to try to find a time in everyone’s schedule or coordinate outfits but I believe that even the process creates memories. Extended family sessions are usually done with immediate family: siblings and their families, additional to grandparents. During Extended Family sessions, I take photos of each family, each family with grandparents, grandparents with their adult kids, grandparents with grandkids, cousins together, adult siblings together, maybe all the girls&all the boys…. combinations are endless! I also try to take 1-2 portraits of each kid!

These sessions move fast so we may not be able to get as many candids as we do during an hour long family session, but I sure try to make the session fun for everyone. In this blog post below, you will see 4 different extended family sessions I’ve done since last year. Unfortunatelly I don’t have time to blog them all seperately, so I hope you will love these extended family sessions, including an Extended Family Session in a Christmas Tree Farm in Columbus last winter. I love doing Christmas Mini Sessions, but this family session in Mr. Tree Farm was a dream come true!

What are your thoughts on Extended Family sessions? Don’t you think these would make great memories and even great Christmas gifts for grandparents?!

An extended family session during Fall in Inniswood Metro gardens. I’ve been working with G family for 3-4 years now and it’s so fun to see all the kids grow each yera:)

An Extended Family Session in Mr. Tree Christmas Tree Farm. This was an early morning session on a very! cold day. We could hold on as much as kids could lol, but even it was short, it was full of laughter:) This was my 2nd year working with Madeline’s family for an extended family photo session. They visit and come together every year on 4th of July weekend and I hope they keep with the tradition of this extended family session in their mom’s backyard every year:) 

Nursah Wood