Fort Myers Vacation, February 2018

Hello Hello!

You know I have so much work related blog posts to do, but I am taking these cold months off, enjoying time with my family before wedding season starts in March! So I am here again with a personal blog: To tell you about our beach vacation:)

If you are a mom, working from home, or just stay home, you know winter days can be long with kids at home. So when my husband surprised me with a beach vacation organization in January for my bday, I was in heaven! For the first time ever, I didn’t even look at our flight details, or hotel location… just asked what time our flight leaves and went with the flow afterwards:)

It was a great 4 days by the pool&beach and we enjoyed our time as a family of 4. We moved less, napped a lot, slept early and just enjoyed our kids-and ourselves:)

So, let me tell you about our vacation. Before we start, just fyi, most of these photos taken by me while I was wearing our little girl. Some taken by my husband- and we still did a great job i think:)

First day,  after we arrived, we checked the beach and walked around the hotel to get a sense of where we are:) And now, I want one of these colorful houses!


We ended the day by watching the sunset in our hotel balcony, it was so magical!

2nd day started a little cloudy so we took the Trolley down to pier. My son loooves riding in a bus, so he was very excited! 🙂 The sun came up around 11am and we turned back to hotel, to enjoy the pool.


We took a nap after pool time, and went to seaside afterwards, just on time for a nice walk around sunset. My heart was so full <3
Ps: It was Saturday and we witnessed a beach wedding. It was dreamy! So, if you ever want to do a destination wedding by the beach, or know anyone doing, let me know…seriously! 🙂


And a few iphone photos:


3rd day, the weather was perfect and we were by the pool allllll day:) We went to pier to enjoy a dinner during sunset, since this was our last night. Saaad!


We had our flight back on 4th day, but we still managed a little pool time in the morning. Our return back home was flawless. Since I am from Turkey, my 3 year old son already experienced 4 international round trips and he is a perfect traveller. Nora slept almost the whole time, and was all about giggles when she was up:)


I am back to work this week, in fact shooting an engagement session in snow this afternoon. I surely miss our warm vacation days, but I know spring will be here soon, and snow actually still looks pretty!

I hope you are staying warm and squeezing some family time to your cold winter days:) xox_DSC2294 copy.jpg



Nursah Wood