Location Ideas for a Marriage Proposal in Columbus, Ohio

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share something a little different than the normal. In this post, I am going to combine a few Proposal Photo Shoots I’ve done and tell how to how to plan a Proposal, location ideas for a marriage proposal in Columbus, Ohio.

First, whether you plan a big event or decide to do it intimately, a woman who loves his partner will be thrilled to get be asked the question. Every relationship is different, every couple is different so please do you 🙂 But I never heard any new bride-to-be complaining about their photos taken during the proposal:) Or a little photoshoot afterwards! I think it adds to the story and start the adventure with some fun memories 🙂

With all these said, here are some of the Proposal Photoshoots I’ve done in Columbus.


Jeff told Claire that they were having dinner with work friends at Milestone229. A little white lie. There is a dinner scheduled but not with work friends:) On the way to dinner by the Scioto Mile, before dinner, he got on one knee and proposed to Claire! She had no idea idea and was so surprised- but Happy Ending! 🙂

While he was planning the night, we met with Jeff to discuss where to come from, where I would be standing… It was a very nice Friday night so Scioto Mile was crowded. It did scared me for a minute that a bike rider whould pass in front me while I am secretly capturing the moment, but I managed it:) We did a quick Newly Engaged Photoshoot right afterwards too before I sent newly engaged couple to dinner;)




James have a similar story that again involves a little white lie. He tells Danny that they are going to a co-worker’s home party. But when Danny opens the backyard gate, he sees his little sweet setup for the proposal:) James gave me the code to enter the house before they came and find a spot to hide. It worked perfect! Later when I asked whose house it is, he said that it’s actually an Airbnb that he rented for the night; what a great idea!



This time the Groom to be planned a bigger celebration for their Engagement Party in Columbus. He picked Antiques on High, where they had their first date, 3 days before 1st Covid shot down; can you imagine! Having to date through Covid, this couple made it work! Sam took Olivia for lunch to their spot but right before entering, he proposed in a heart shaped greenery, while their friends&family watching from the rooftop of Antiques on High. Once she said yes, they popped confetti which surprised Olivia even more:)

Antiques on HighEvents on Antiques on HighAntiques on High in German Village


And finally Dan&Kara…. This proposal was a night time celebration. Dan took Kara to dinner at Hollywood&3rd. We asked the restaurant to reserve the table for me, so I could have a glass of wine, while waiting for Dan to pop the question. When he did, i took my camera out and captured the moment. I preferred not to use flash to not ruin the moment, but still made it work:) Later Dan asked me to wait in their apartment for the 2nd surprise he prepared for Kara- an engagement party with Friends&Family. It was the time of Covid but Dan didn’t forget to include her friends over a video chat. I was honored to capture such sweet moments:)

engagement_party_ideas_columbus_ohio engagement_party_ideas engagement_party

As you see everyone has a different style and however you go for it, I am highly on board for capturing all these exciting moments for you? Have an idea, or want to plan it together? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME🙂

Nursah Wood