M Family, Park of Roses, Clintonville/OH

Blogging… Agh, I really wish I had more time for it! But still, today I am happy to share this super cute family photo session from last summer. I’ve been working with M family since their 1st born, Leo was 6 months old. Last year, they added a pretty girl in the team and we met in Park of Roses in Clintonville to capture some updated family photos:)

You will see how cute they all look, but please pay close attention to Leo. I just LOVVVVEE capturing him play around. Let them be kids, let them run around, run around with them, just cuddle… whatever you do when I am not around, do THAT please:) You will see below that I have so many candid that I just couldn’t eliminate… so fun!

I am meeting soon with them soon to capture Lily’s 1 year photos, and I can’t wait! Love watching my clients’ families grow and work with them over the years. BIG HONOR!



Nursah Wood