Regular, Semi-Mini and Mini Family Sessions in Columbus, OH

It’s getting a bit warmer, I’ve been receiving emails about Family Sessions in Columbus. In this blog post I wanted to give a detailed information about all the different sessions I offer and tell the differences between a Full/Regular 1 hr long session, 30 min. Semi-Mini session and a Seasonal Mini Sessions.

Note: The sessions shot below all started from the same spot in a Columbus Metro Park. One hour session gave us more time to explore, while during 30 or 20 minute sessions, we walked around less.

One Hour Regular Photo Session:

These sessions are my favorite type of session for many reasons. I call these sessions Storytelling sessions because whatever your family dynamics are, 1 hr session gives us plenty of time to capture both traditional/ posed as well as candid, storytelling photos in A very relaxed and fun way.

In an hour session, we can walk around around a big park for different background options… play as we walk and have fun… stop and smell the roses, or do some tickle fights:) We can also incorporate some props such as blowing bubbles, reading a book, eating ice-cream even change of clothes! The best part of these sessions are you get ALL the photos! When I tell a number it may sound a lot and to be honest, unnecessary but believe me, when you look at these photos, you will different details each time and fall in love with your family again!

See my availability for an hour session from HERE

30 minute Semi-Mini Session:

I started offering these sessions as a middle option to 1 hr regular and 20 min. seasonal mini sessions- and they took off!. As you can tell, with this option you will have 30 minute with me and 30 digital files that you will select from your gallery.  You will have the option to purchase all the photos as well, which %80 of my clients do.

Unlike 1 hr regular session tho, we will keep this photo shoot on 1 or 2 parts of a park with less walking. I will be focusing on getting traditional/posed photos first and then we will play around. But i suggest no props or outfit changes so we don’t rush during the session.

What’s the difference between a 30 minute and a 20 minute session (coming next):

  • I may still have a shoot right before or after you, but you will have a 15 min. wiggle room.
  • You will also be able to select a time&date that fits your schedule best; while 20 minute sessions are offered only on set times.
  • When booking, you will have a better chance of requesting a specific location, or the part of the town and I will do my best to accommodate.
  • You will get 10 more  digitals- and even more in total if you purchase all your gallery.See my availability for an hour session from HERE

Seasonal 20 minute Mini Session:

I offer Seasonal (spring, summer, fall and Christmas) mini session every year on 1-3 days of the season. These are very fast paced 20 minute sessions scheduled with many families together on a specific location. These are perfect to get updated photos of your family every year. After the session, you will select 20 digitals from your gallery with an option to purchase all. My focus on these sessions are getting traditional/posed photos, while having fun:)

Since these have strict time&dates, if you miss your session, your retainer fee may not be transferable or refundable-especially on a busy season (Fall and Christmas), unlike 1 hr and 30 minute semi-mini sessions can be rescheduled 1 time due to sickness or family emergency.

See the current seasonal mini sessions from HERE

I hope this blog post will help you understand the different session types, while you are looking into booking with me:)

For pricing and or any other questions, always feel free to contact me from HERE.

Hope to meet with you soon!

Nursah Wood