Understory Wedding in Columbus, Ohio

An another wedding meeting this week reminded me this Understory Wedding in Columbus, Ohio which I second shoot for Brooke Maade Photography back in the Fall. My schedule doesn’t allow for many, but I do enjoy 2nd shooting once in a while. When I am the main photographer at a wedding, I focus on getting the must have shoots. I still from so many different angles or turn my back to capture guests’ reactions but if I have a 2nd shooter, I usually give taht duty to them. And just like I ask them, when I 2nd shoot a wedding,  I get to capture so much more candids, details…It truly fills my cup:)

Plus for this wedding I shot at Understory by Wolf Ridge Brewery and experienced a new location, so that’s always helpful. The historical old building, the patio… Understory in Columbus is a great new addition for patio nights, not to mention the food&drinks were amazing! If you are looking for a patio this weekend and fun cocktails, definitely go check it out:)

Well, back to weddings:) Here below are just a few photos from Understory Wedding in Columbus, Ohio.

ps: Blog is having resolution problems, please contact me if you want to see the original quality.

Understory Wedding in Columbus Wedding Ceremony in Understory Columbus

Nursah Wood