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Archive for January 2018

Indoor Photography Locations in Columbus Ohio

As a natural light photographer who specializes in weddings, I don’t own a studio. So every winter when it’s too cold to go outside for photoshoots, what do I do, stop shooting? No of course! There are plenty Indoor Photography Locations in Columbus Ohio that are beautiful for any photo shoot that you will be…

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BEST OF 2017

Hello! Before I start writing this blog post, I have to say: I really hate “BEST OF” type of blog post, because IT IS SOOO HARD to eliminate photos for these posts! lol. I’ve been working on this blog post on/off for almost 2 weeks now and every  time I sit down to select only…

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Life update!

I made a to-do list with my 3 year old son this morning and looks like he still has letters to write to Santa, so it’s good to know that it’s not just me running behind in this house! lol Life with 2 kids going pretty well friend. It’s quite an adjustment but I have…

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